We were very lucky and wound up visiting Victoria Falls on Juergenís birthday. Our two microlight pilots were friends and liked taking couples up at the same time (his pilot was born in Germany). This photo was taken from the camera at the end of the wing right over the falls. A later photo shows both of us.



We flew round trip from home to Johannesburg, South Africa.

We decided to acclimate there before our long tour in Madagascar. We decided to visit Victoria Falls before Madagascar and to go on a safari afterwards.


We had the luck to find an agent at Africa Travel Resource (ATR) named James Back that helped us choose what was a perfect safari for us. We then had him help us find a place near the falls.


He suggested Waterberry Lodge on the Zambezi River. That was a highlight. We highly recommend having James help with travel in Africa!


The Waterberry Lodge was beyond wonderful. The staff was friendly and helpful. The food was served on the open area in the lodge (left in photo). This was very close to the river.


Our room was the round house to the right in the photo.


We heard munching one night and looked out the window to see a hippo grazing between us and the river.


The Zambezi River by our lodge. Across the river is Zambezi National Park.


We were offered sunset cocktails in the little boat at the left. That didnít sound very interesting, but we went.


What a wonderful surprise! It turned out it was an hour safari where we saw many animals coming down to the river to drink.



We were given tasty snacks and the drink we chose.


This family of elephants slowly came out of the forest one by one. The babies were of several ages.


We were ignored at first, but gradually the ďauntiesĒ decided they were nervous about our being there.


They got into this defensive grouping with the babies between them.


We had not gotten too close, but they were starting to get unhappy, so we moved on.



The following animals appeared as we slowly moved along the river shore.


A young caiman resting on a log.


We got the photo with the bird with some prey in its beak.


This baboon was one of a bunch, but we liked his pose the best.



A group of hippos ďlivedĒ about a third of the way across the river from our lodge.We could always see their ears and snouts.


The background for this web page is a photo we took from our lodge.


Looks like a happy hippo!


When we were in Borneo (2002) we spent a lot of time in boats on the river looking for Hornbill birds (among other critters). We could see their silhouettes against the sky at dusk, thatís as close as we got.


Here at the lodge, this hornbill was sitting in the tree above the building!


Yvonneís family had a Guinea hen when she was growing up.


Here we had one right outside our window.


We had told James when it would be Juergenís birthday to make sure we had microlights reserved. We had no idea the lodge would give us a celebration!


All afternoon we saw guys going to a non-grassy area and filling sacks with sand. We wondered why.


Well this is what awaited us at dinner time. They created our dinner space at the top of some stairs and placed these luminarias on the stairs and around the table.


Hereís the setting taken with a flash.




Even a birthday cake!


Juergen is aboard for the microlight flight. A short clip shows the microlight coming in for a landing with Yvonne on board.


Yvonne is on the microlight with the camera, Juergen is on the microlight (blue arrow) with the falls below us.



We flew over the national park and saw zebras, giraffes, and others. This is a sample view (not ours) from the microlight of elephants.

Unfortunately, we were not allowed to carry cameras.


We had a picnic afterwards.


Juergenís microlight GPS track is in red. We walked both the Zambian and Zimbabwean sides of the falls (turquoise).

Close up falls 2


Getting into Zimbabwe was a pain (long wait to cross the border) but thatís where the best views are from the ground.


The falls photos from our walks.






We could have gone in the Devilís pool on the other side. But didnít.


The next year, from a place near where we took this photo, a baboon took a young womanís backpack. It then found her cellphone and passport and threw them over the cliffs into the water.